Organization and Preperation

Organizing yourself should always be the first thing you do. I love organizing my goals, my clothes, everything. If you aren’t organized things that should take an hour end up not getting done at all sometimes. When I wrote this eBook, I wrote a chapter a day until I was finished.

A lot of people make New Years Resolutions. And then they don’t stick to them. I’m one of those people, so earlier this year I devised a plan on how I’m going to be able to stick to my goals. I call this wonderful plan the 7-Day Plan.

A lot us MMO (Make Money Online) people like to set goals, deadlines, and what not. Some people set realistic goals (which I believe fully in) and some people set ridiculous goals (ridiculous). I believe in setting realistic incremental goals.

You crawl before you walk - You stretch before you run.

How the 7-Day Plan works

  1. You go to Walgreens, get a notebook (I like the small 5-Star Ones). If you’re a PC person, open up a word document.
  2. Title the document or notebook paper for example - Dec 7th-Dec 14th
  3. Write down all your goals that you believe you can accomplish within those 7 Days
  4. Every morning look at the goals, choose one, and get it done.
  5. Every night look at your goal list, and cross out the ones you completed.
  6. Try and finish all your goals that you set in 7 days, then turn the page.
  7. Repeat from step #2.
The 7-Day Plan isn’t only effective in Internet Marketing/Make Money Online, but effective in all walks of life. Take your wife out to dinner, plan it, and complete it! Take out the trash, plan it, and complete it. Whatever it is, write it down, and get it done. And I’ll tell you what; you’d be surprised how much you can do in only 7 Days.