Getting Started with Adsense

Before getting started with Google Adsense I scoured the internet for all the information and tools to give me a head start. I didn’t want to try and test things all the time. I read about what other people tried and tested, what works and what doesn’t. This helped me a lot when I decided on how I was going to approach choosing what niche to blog in and how to run my ads.

Choosing a Niche
When I first started Blogging, I would just blog about anything I wanted. I thought if I wrote about something interesting everyday, people would come in flocks to my blog and I’d be getting more traffic than New York City at rush hour. Let’s just say, it didn’t work out.

It’s important that you choose a niche! Not just any niche but one that interests you, and most importantly, one that interests others. You should ask yourself these questions listed below before you decide what you want your topic to be on.

Are you interested?
I can’t stress the importance of being interested in the topic you’re writing on enough. The difference between working for someone else at a job you may not like is – the money is guaranteed. It takes hard work to get a blog up to the level that it’s bringing in a good income. A lot of people can’t bring themselves to get up everyday and write a new article or post about a topic they just aren’t interested in. So make sure you’re interested in what you write about – you’ll realize that the rewards may not only be monetary.

Popularity Contest!?
It’s important that topic that you’ll be taking on is popular. Not only if it’s popular, but if its popularity is growing! You don’t want to take on a topic that’s losing interest everyday. For example – writing about McCain and Palin now would not yield as many as it would have writing about them pre-election. Take your time and choose a topic that you think will be hot within the next few months. It may take a little research, but being the best in one event is better than being 2nd place in many.

Competition, where?
Many bloggers end up causing their own demise by choosing a niche that has been done before, done again, killed, resurrected, and is still being done today. Remember, the internet is a big place, if you’ve thought of it, theres a 99% chance that someone may have thought of it before you. Do your research. Make sure you know it’s worth delving into before you’re already 2 feet deep.

Find a smaller niche and become the authority. Rather than being mediocre in a saturated niche.

What aren’t they doing?
I had this one guy who ranked above me in the search engine for a major keyword. What ticked me off is that his content wasn’t that great. A week later I took the first two spots on the search engine thanks to increasing the amount of content on my site. He was neglecting his audience. I was feeding them with fresh content daily.

Find out what your competition isn’t talking about. For example – your competition might have a blog about iPhone rumors and updates. You could make your blog about iPhone applications and accessories. Just an example but I’m trying to show you the way to look at things.

Think of a niche within a niche.

Is there enough to go around?
Not food, but content. You need to make sue you aren’t going to run out of content after one or two posts. Make sure the topic you choose has an abundance of content that you can dive into or maybe something you already know about. Replenishing your site with fresh content not only keeps readers happy but it helps boost you up in the search engines.
Places like Google, Ezinearticles, and just the internet as a whole should be able to provide you with enough content to keep the blog running for ages. Just don’t overdo your posts – save some for tomorrow if you know what I mean? One topic at a time is perfect; this will also come in handy in the future.

If all else fails your can always rewrite PLR but I don’t recommend it.

The best and most successful niche sites (when it comes to Adsense) are definitely sites that attract beginners. If you have a question who do you ask normally? Google. Answer peoples questions - Teach them How To Ride a Bike or How To Cook Baked Beans?

When we’re new to something – we ask a lot of questions and seek a lot of information. Google answers those questions. Desiring instant gratification is something that we are all sometimes guilty of – if the right Ad pops up and it’s answering my question you’re damn right I’m going to click it.