What is Cloaking

There are 2 types of cloaking and only one works reliably: IP Delivery. The gist of it is this: your site is able to tell the difference between search engine spiders and human visitors.

When a search engine spider comes along, the site shows hundreds or even thousands of juicy content rich pages, also referred to as spider food. Google, Yahoo and company then proceed to index these pages, which will eventually rank for the terms you selected when you created them.

From then on, human visitors will click on links to your pages in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The site now recognizes a human visitor and rather than serving up the content rich page, it serves the page of your choice.

This page could be a page full of Adsense, an affiliate merchant page, an affiliate pre-sell page or a squeeze page. It could be anything else but those are the more common choices.

Why might it be an interesting option to use cloaking for Adsense or Affiliate sites? Because it gives you complete control over the landing page. That means you can get 100% of your visitors delivered directly to the affiliate site rather than losing half of them or more because they don’t click through. It also means you can go out and get a CTR on your Adsense Ads up to 35%.

Yes you read that correctly.

Many sites have CTRs that are ridiculously high and the ECPM (earning per thousand impressions) can be in the 200$ range. I sometimes add low CTR, low payout sites to my arsenal just to get those massively lucrative figures down a bit.

Cloaking is one of the factors that come into play to make it happen. As you can see, it’s far from the mystery that often shrouds it. It’s just a simple script that allows you to do what you want with your visitors.