Panic alarm feature

Guest post by Jewel Cole When most people think of a home security system they think of the safety benefits and features of the system for when they are away from the home. They think of how they can set it and leave and have peace of mind that their home is secure when they are away but they don’t consider the peace of mind they can have for when they are at home. When my husband took a new joband started traveling most days of the week I was home at night by myself most of the work week and it started to wear on me. I didn’t feel as secure in my house as when he was there. I started doing some research and found some home security system featuresthat are really a bonus. There is a panic feature if you are having an emergency of any kind you can hit the panic button and emergency response teams will be dispatched to your location. Also, if someone follows you in to the house and forces you to turn off the alarm there is a way to send a silent alarm to the monitoring company.