Affiliates on Content Generator Sites

Many content generators, come with affiliate data feeds included in the code. You just need to enter your affiliate code and you’re ready to go. The datafeed is less complicated than it sounds. All it really does is make ads for products appear on your site. These ads have your account ID in them and when a purchase is made, you get paid a commission.

Other programs allow you to integrate a Clickbank data feed into your pages, meaning the site will make links or ad boxes displaying Clickbank products relevant to the content of your pages. These links contain your affiliate ID so when a sale is made, you get paid.

Personally, I don’t bother with these monetization methods on non-cloaked content generator sites: it’s too easy and profitable to slap up Adsense front and center like we’ve just seen.

However, if you cloak your content generator sites, it becomes a whole other story. In that case, you can send the traffic directly to the page you want, thus dramatically improving conversions and possibly making $500 or more from 1000 visitors.

When building for this method, you will select an affiliate program based on:

  • Payout
  • Possibility of generating decent amounts of fringe keyword traffic
  • Number of searches
Considering the way that content generator sites are constructed, I could generate the same exact site on the same exact keywords ten times and never get the same site twice. It would have the same number of pages and the same keywords but the comparison would stop there since the content is run through either a markov chain, a synonymyzer or both and will never give the same result: I get a new, unique site every time.

Which means I don’t have to do my niche research over and over again, I can just regenerate the same site, adding or subtracting keywords for good measure, and generating this site as many times as I want.

So I can build the “same” site I just generated for Adsense, but this time redirect the traffic either directly to the merchant page, to my pre-sell page or to a squeeze page. You will make this choice depending on how well targeted your keywords are. The less targeted they are, the more pre-selling they need, so the right choice is the squeeze or the pre-sell. More targeted
keywords will convert well directly on the merchant’s sales page.