10 Must See Sites

1. Boogie Jack
BoogieJack has a lot of terrific information. One amazing little program is called Background Magic. This awesome little tool will create your buttons, borders, background - even skins and screen savers. There is a free version and a PRO version.

2. Fresh Devices
Here's another site with some nifty utilities for you PC users out there. (Sorry Mac users.) They offer free utilities that help you optimize and diagnose your own system. If your computer seems to be getting slower over time, their products may be worth trying.

3. 404 Research Lab
For those of you who don't know, file 404 errors occur when you try to go to a webpage that no longer exists in a particular location. This is a fun site that shows you the do's and don'ts of creating 404 pages, and how you can even profit from them.

4. Free Advice and Legal Zoom
Both of these sites are legal in nature so I decided to group them together. Free Advice.com is just what it sounds like it would be , and Legal Zoom has some of the cheapest legal rates I've seen. If you plan to setup an LLC or incorporate your business at some point, I would check them out. They also offer excellent rates on patent and copyright applications.

5. Logo Generator
If you're just starting out and you need a nice looking logo, this could be a great solution for you. Granted, it's no where near as nice as a professional's work, but what do you expect...it's free!

6. RoboForm
If you're familiar with Gator then you already know how this little tool works. Basically, RoboForm helps you fill in website forms and can store your usernames and passwords. The great thing about RoboForm over Gator, however, is that RoboForm does not place any annoying ads on your system...a nice feature in the constant battle against scumware.

7. Help On The Net
Totally free tech support for all your computer related questions.

8. Bookmarklets
Their website says it best:
"A bookmarklet is a cross between a bookmark and a JavaScript applet. Bookmarklets can be saved and used in the same way you use normal bookmarks. While you're on a web page, you can use them to perform certain functions, from highlighting content converting numbers (like currencies and measurements), search in advanced ways and much more. You do not have to download or install software to use them. For example, I use a word count bookmarklet to quickly count the number of words on a web page since my copywriting fees are based on the length of a page."

9. Ad-Aware
This free software finds the scumware that weasels its way onto your computer and helps you get rid of it. It's a great tool if you keep getting random pop-ups and you don't know where they're coming from.

10. Deleted Domains
DeletedDomains.com is the ultimate tool for uncovering both "on hold/expiring" domains and "deleted" domains. Unlike other services that simply offer a list that is updated once or twice a week, Deleted Domains updates their database at least once each day, meaning it is the most up-to-date service of its kind.