About Success

An important success factor is discipline. I'm not referring to the army, where actions
imposed on you need to be carried out due to your position in hierarchy. Discipline is a condition
we form ourselves to act upon. An example is needing to get to work for 9am every morning,
otherwise several late incidents could cost you your job. You have to discipline yourself to get up
on time and get to work on time. Discipline yourself to work on getting traffic to your website, as
with this, you won't lose your sleep over it.
We as individuals sometimes become our own worst enemies. We become toxic with our life and
fed up with not getting any traffic. Just think... how hard is it to get 1 visitor?
You can keep saying, 'yeah, I'll do it tomorrow'. But think about it, does that tomorrow ever come.
How many times have things or activities passed by you that never get done, just by you saying
'I'll do it tomorrow'.
I overheard a conversation once about my website from people who saw me grafting away in the
beginning when I first started out. Things like… he must be getting good traffic to his website as
he’s on page 1. And the response I heard was… ‘well obviously, he’s been working on it!’
So you need to work on it. Have you posted that first email to your list of contacts yet, if NOT …
why? I thought you wanted to make money on the Internet?
It's ALL about taking ACTION! The first step is the hardest of all, trust me, I know so overcome it NOW! Send out your first email.

What you also need to do is alter your habit-condition mind to believe that you are capable of
doing this, because you don't have an excuse as most of them are eliminated.

  • No skill
  • No education
  • No experience
Remember you don't need anything prior to this. I have over-delivered to ensure, if you are a
novice, you will get that traffic and make money!
You must remain motivated and challenged all the time. It's your choice, you are the one in the
driver seat. You'll probably read materials where they promise you a whole kitchen, but you are
only given a sandwich out of the fridge. I'm giving YOU the whole kitchen, the cooker, fridge,
cutlery, toaster, blender and… the sandwich.

Making Goals
I bet by now your thinking … get the hell on with it. ‘Show me how to get the traffic’, but trust me,
I’ve been in your shoes. You need to stay on track…
As I was saying… You need to make goals as they will direct you towards them. It gives you
something to aim for, if you don't, you'll be on a ship without a map. Set attainable goals and
achieve them. You can set absurd goals if you like, because these are your goals to see and for
nobody else's attention. I must emphasise the importance of writing down goals, it helps
Example of a goal - I'm going to be better than my competitors within a month.
Let's take a look at another example first. This is a classic, so I’ve included it…
If you were told to eat an elephant, you would think 'hell, no!', or 'impossible'. What you have
done is pictured the whole elephant as an impossible task, which is true, it looks impossible. Now
you are on a mission impossible. Break down the task into operational goals.
Eat 1/30 of the elephant over a period of 30 days, everyday. Now has the impossible task become
easily attainable and possible??? Course it has!
This does not mean you have to eat an elephant, it's just an example of an absurd size or volume.
If you come across a huge volume or size of a goal, break it down into a daily, weekly and monthly operational tasks. That's how people become successful, breaking the impossible into possible.
Let me tell you about a real life example as I wrote this post. I contemplating on entering another industry and have done some keyword research. I have over 1,500,000 keywords!!! Your first reaction would be … what the hell? Or what the hell am I going to do with them? More practically, that’s 1.5 million pages effectively. The task at hand is substantial like the elephant example but I’m breaking it down so that it becomes feasible.
The task will be broken down into months, weeks and days so that it’s possible.

Anyway, it's easy if you know how. That's the secret every successful person or company uses.
They break down the goal into tasks. Now your aim is how to out compete your competition. Plan it and you will have a solution. Here's some help.
Your competitor has number one position for most of it's industry. Now break that down into
operational goals.
  1. Choose the industry's top 50 keywords.
  2. Create a page a day, making it 50 days.
  3. Upload a page a day, with the keyword optimized, properly.
  4. Strategically submit the pages each completion day.
  5. Let the search engines do their trick.
  6. Mission accomplished.
Now let's face some facts here. When I first mentioned to beat your competition, you probably felt that it was not only difficult, but absurd. True? Now the only thing I have done is broken down the main goal into operational daily tasks. That's what setting goals is all about, setting absurd goals and then putting them into an operational feasible strategy.

IBM Wants To Hire YOU!
Look at it in terms of being an employee for a company. You are going to be paid $19,000
annually, instantly you think that's a lot of money. But the services you render for $350 a week
before taxes, in effect makes the company 10 or 20 times more productive for you being in that
position. You are employed to work and produce greater turnover for the company. The company sees that $19,000 wages cut from its turnover, but in effect has increased its profitability to an extra $150,000. Therefore they make a greater profit of $131,000 just by looking at the overall goal.
Therefore understand, set goals, break them down and achieve them. And by the way, just in case you're curious, what did 'luck' or 'fate' had to do with planning to increase the turnover? It's a decision that was acted upon. I can say one thing for sure, which has never let me down. Contributing to my success was a diary.
A simple, page-a-day diary that included my daily tasks. Which I discipline myself to finish before I hit the sack.
Purchase a diary or even a PDA gadget and note what you need to do each and everyday. Plan
what you need to do the next day and carry out the tasks. It helps to write things down, because if a thought comes to your head, you'll probably remember it, but a couple of days later, it vaguely is ever remembered. So write down what you need to do and plan your time around your daily chores. You'll be surprised how many hours a day or a week you can spare.
Did you know that an average of 20 hours a week are wasted watching pointless TV? Not
mentioning flicking through the 100 channels!!!
You are going to be the captain of your ship, where it goes is in your hands and upon your
decisions. The choice is yours. If you stick to the plan, you will route towards success. You have a refined plan and you only need to use your resources effectively to prosper.


"All Our Dreams Can Come True,
If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them"
Walt Disney

You need to develop a burning desire to succeed. By this I mean, do you really want to
beat your competition? Do you really want to be the best in your industry? Is it really that
important for you to do that? Or would it just be nice to do that?
For example, having a desire to educate yourself to the best standards in order to land your dream job. You plan and adjust yourself over the years to make sure that you achieve your goal. This is a burning desire as compared to, it would be nice to have that job. You work on it.
You probably miss your favourite programme or miss a Saturday night with the lads/gals to
achieve this. You want it so badly that other things that come in the way can wait, WILL wait.
The same principle applies for traffic generation and websites. Build the foundations and you
will reap exponential benefits later.

If you believe you can do it, then you can, but if you feel you can't do it, then you'll never know, as you haven't tried it. Logically thinking, if you try it and succeed, you'll never look back, but if you don't try it, you'll never know. However, you will probably see somebody else doing the exact same thing and feel gutted for not giving it a try. Seize the opportunity and get your head down and prosper…