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Are you thinking to start an ecommerce business online? The first step is to begin preparing your project for assignment to a designer. Before design takes place you need to get a solid idea of what you are selling and the ‘feel’ you want to implement in your storefront. For this to happen, you will need to get acquainted with the shopping cart software and start creating categories, custom pages and uploading a few products. Ashop Commerce shopping cart software is a turn-key ecommerce solution, an ASP web based, hosted store building system for setting up your online business. With no software to install, you can build and manage an online store from any computer anywhere in the world. Accept credit cards online, enable a complete real-time shipping solution and rise to the top of the search engines. Ashop Commerce online stores can be managed and designed by almost any internet savvy business person, the only experience needed is to have browsed the web. The extent of it's functionality and design level can be fully controlled by you. Design your own or get a custom design, add custom pages and column boxes, use the pre-built 'best sellers' and 'new products' list, use as little or as much functionality and design as you like. Whether you are a web developer or a start up entrepreneur, their shopping cart is customisable, using either standard features and designs or basing your store on HTML and flash layouts.
Free tech support, secure hosting, 99.8% Guaranteed uptime, free upgrades for life, daily backups, free SSL Certificate, inbuilt web optimisation, these are a few examples of how Ashop Commerce ecommerce software is secure and aimed at succeeding. Their comprehensive statistic reports will help you analyse where your target markets are and where visitors browse in your store. Since abandoned shopping carts are a major risk in online shopping, Ashop Commerce provides a secure checkout system enabling easy conversion rates, a simple three step process for customers with every payment option taken care of.
Realise you ROI with Ashop Commerce's straight forward monthly fees. Prices start for packages for up to 500 products with a 10 Day free trial, you can build an online store, see if it suits your needs, then make a final decision. No risk at all!