Blog Advertising

I am so happy because finally my blog was approved by Smorty. In case you don't know what Smorty is, it's a "get paid to blog"' system. It brings together bloggers and advertisers and there are benefits for both of them. Advertisers pay and get reviews for they sites. So they create buzz and get thousands of backlinks pointing to their site. They can choose they keywords they want to be included in the posts and also can accept only the posts they like. Now,the bloggers. There is not much to say,they simply earn money by doing what they did before. Only now they get paid for blogging! Not bad,right? What I like most about Smorty is their payment system. They pay bloggers every week. The other similar websites,at least most of them,pay every month. And I don't think this is fair. I mean imagine if the advertisers would come and say "OK, after the bloggers write the reviews for my site,if I like the posts I will pay you". Would they accept it? Of course not! Anyway,enough with them. Smorty send payments every week by Paypal. Advertisers can promote as many sites they want. Also the bloggers can have more than one blogs. So they can earn more money. Visit Smorty and sign up today!