Qoo Forum

Qoo Forum is a new online meeting place and is powered by vBulletin.The topics on the board are wide and varied and it shouldn’t be a problem for most people to find an area of interest where they can participate in a discussion.The design is very nice with light colours and gloss. A good reason to join is the revenue sharing system they have.If you’re an Adsense publisher, you simply enter your code and get paid from ads for posting on the forum.All you have to do is write 50 posts first and than you are free to use your Adense code.50 posts might seem like a lot, but then again you have to understand that in order to keep the quality of posts high, they want genuine members interested in writing and not just spammers looking for a quick buck.Although Qoo Forum is brand new, and doesn't have a whole lot of registered members for posts yet, it's obvious that the owners are committed to making this forum successful, gauging by the time they've invested already. And they appear to be gearing up to heavily promote the site as well, so it shouldn't be long before you see this forum flooded with threads.So,don't wait.Sign up now!

This is a sponsored review