Who Gets

Now this is fun!I found this site today called whogets.com and here is how it works.WhoGets runs continuous online sweepstakes with a twist. The twist is that on WhoGets, you get to decide. Who walks away with the cool products we're giving away? It's up to you. Will you pick the neediest contestant? The struggling college student?The person who made you laugh? Or someone for no reason at all? We'll see but however it goes, you are in control.Who can enter and win?Anyone! Find a prize you gotta have, and enter the contest semi-final pool. If you are randomly selected to be one of the seven finalists, tell the world why you should win, and watch what happens. Members discuss the finalists, give their opinion on contest products and sponsors, and cast their votes.By the way, it is all free with nothing to buy and no annoying e-mails ever.

This is a sponsored post.